Generic modeling of chemotactic based self-wiring of neural networks

12 years 11 months ago
Generic modeling of chemotactic based self-wiring of neural networks
The proper functioning of the nervous system depends critically on the intricate network of synaptic connections that are generated during the system development. During the network formation, the growth cones migrate through the embryonic environment to their targets using chemical communication. A major obstacle in the elucidation of fundamental principles underlying this self-wiring is the complexity of the system being analyzed. Hence much effort is devoted to in vitro experiments of simpler (two-dimensional) 2D model systems. In these experiments neurons are placed on Poly-l-Lysine (PLL) surfaces, so it is easier to monitor their self-wiring. We developed a model to reproduce the salient features of the 2D systems, inspired by the study of the growth of bacterial colonies and the aggregation of amoebae. We represent the neurons (each composed of cell's soma, neurites and growth cones) by active elements that capture the generic features of the real neurons. The model also in...
Ronen Segev, Eshel Ben-Jacob
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Year 2000
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Authors Ronen Segev, Eshel Ben-Jacob
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