The PRIOR+: Results for OAEI Campaign 2007

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The PRIOR+: Results for OAEI Campaign 2007
Ontology mapping is to find semantic correspondences between similar elements of different ontologies. It is critical to achieve semantic interoperability in the WWW. This paper summarizes the results of the PRIOR+ participating at OAEI campaign 2007. The PRIOR+ is a generic and automatic ontology mapping tool, based on propagation theory, information retrieval technique and artificial intelligence model. The approach utilizes both linguistic and structural information of ontologies, and measures the profile similarity of different elements of ontologies in a vector space model (VSM). Furthermore, the PRIOR+ adaptively aggregate different similarities according to the harmony of similarity matrix. Finally the PRIOR+ deals with ontology constraints using interactive activation and competitive neural network. The preliminary results of benchmark task are presented, followed by a discussion. Some future works are given at the end. 1 Presentation of the system
Ming Mao, Yefei Peng
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Ming Mao, Yefei Peng
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