Incremental semi-supervised subspace learning for image retrieval

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Incremental semi-supervised subspace learning for image retrieval
Subspace learning techniques are widespread in pattern recognition research. They include Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Locality Preserving Projection (LPP), etc. These techniques are generally unsupervised which allows them to model data in the absence of labels or categories. In relevance feedback driven image retrieval system, the user provided information can be used to better describe the intrinsic semantic relationships between images. In this paper, we propose a semi-supervised subspace learning algorithm which incrementally learns an adaptive subspace by preserving the semantic structure of the image space, based on user interactions in a relevance feedback driven query-by-example system. Our algorithm is capable of accumulating knowledge from users, which could result in new feature representations for images in the database so that the system’s future retrieval performance can be enhanced. Experiments on a large collection of images have shown the effectiveness and e...
Xiaofei He
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Year 2004
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Authors Xiaofei He
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