An Infrastructure for Service Oriented Sensor Networks

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An Infrastructure for Service Oriented Sensor Networks
Emerging wireless technologies enable ubiquitous access to networked services. Integration of wireless technologies into sensor and actuator nodes provides the means for remote access and control. However, ad hoc deployment of nodes complicates the process of finding, selecting and using these in a meaningful way. The use of a service discovery framework enables nodes to present themselves and the resources they hold. In this paper, we review the applicability of a number of well-known service discovery protocols in the context of networked nodes. Multicast DNS and Service Discovery (mDNS-SD) stands out with its auto-configuration, distributed architecture, sharing of resources, and wide area access. For wireless battery operated and resource constrained nodes, we seek to integrate SD and power management techniques. This leads us to a standards based infrastructure for service oriented sensor networks where; 1) nodes collaborate in an ad hoc fashion by using SD techniques to discover ...
Åke Östmark, Jens Eliasson, Per Lindgre
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Type Journal
Year 2006
Where JCP
Authors Åke Östmark, Jens Eliasson, Per Lindgren, Aart van Halteren, Lianne Meppelink
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