Integrating UML diagrams for production control systems

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Integrating UML diagrams for production control systems
This paper proposes to use SDL block diagrams, UML class diagrams, and UML behavior diagrams like collaboration diagrams, activity diagrams, and statecharts as a visual programming language. We describe a modeling approach for flexible, autonomous production agents, which are used for the decentralization of production control systems. In order to generate a (Java) implementation of a production control system from its specification, we define a precise semantics for the diagrams and we define how different (kinds of) diagrams are combined to a complete executable specification. Generally, generating code from UML behavior diagrams is not well understood. Frequently, the semantics of a UML behavior diagram depends on the topic and the aspect that is modeled and on the designer that created it. In addition, UML behavior diagrams usually model only example scenarios and do not describe all possible cases and possible exceptions. We overcome these problems by restricting the UML notation...
Hans J. Köhler, Ulrich Nickel, Jörg Nier
Added 25 Aug 2010
Updated 25 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 2000
Where ICSE
Authors Hans J. Köhler, Ulrich Nickel, Jörg Niere, Albert Zündorf
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