Intelligent pattern recognition and biometrics

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Intelligent pattern recognition and biometrics
This talk deals with advanced concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Pattern Recognition (PR), and their applications to solving real life problems including biometrics applications. It basically covers the following topics: (1) Overview of Pattern Recognition (PR),(2) Overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI),(3) The Relation Between PR and AI, (4) Analysis and Learning: Pattern Recognition Concept : Foundation and theories, (5) Importance of Ambiguity, and its Applications: Theory and applications, (6) An Overall Interactive Intelligent Pattern Recognition (IPR) System, (7) Concepts of Syntax, Semantics, and Pragmatics: Theories and Applications, (8) Importance of Ambiguity, and Semantics: Graphics and itsApplications, (9) How it works: IPR and Applications to Solving Real Life Problems including Biometrics and Face Recognition, (10)Some More Illustrations, Discussions and Future Directions. Biography: Prof. Patrick Wang, PhD. IAPR Fellow, is Tenured Full Professor, Northeaster...
P. Wang
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