Intelligent Pattern Recognition and Applications

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Intelligent Pattern Recognition and Applications
:: This talk deals with fundamental aspects of Intelligent Pattern Recognition (IPR) and applications. It basically includes the following: Overview of 3D Biometric Technology and Applications, Importance of Security: A Scenario of Terrorists Attack,, What are Biometric Technologies? Biometrics: Analysis vs Synthesis, Analysis: Interactive Pattern Recognition Concept, Importance of Measurement, How it works: Fingerprint Extraction and Matching, Iris, and Facial Analysis, Authentication Applications, Thermal Imaging: Emotion Recognition. Synthesis in Biometrics, Modeling and Simulation, and more Examples and Applications of 3D Biomedical Imaging in Interactive Web/Video Networking Fuzzy Learning Environment. Finally, some future research directions are discussed. Intended Audience: Scientists and engineers, with some computer science, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, and/or image processing background or working experience. Why this topic would be of interest to a substanti...
Patrick Shen-Pei Wang
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Year 1992
Authors Patrick Shen-Pei Wang
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