The Legal-RDF Ontology. A Generic Model for Legal Documents

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The Legal-RDF Ontology. A Generic Model for Legal Documents
Legal-RDF.org1 publishes a practical ontology that models both the layout and content of a document and metadata about the document; these have been built using data models implicit within the HTML, XSL, and Dublin Core dialects. Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) form the foundation of all models within the ontology, that is, DAGNode and DAGModel are the base classes for all other ontology classes, which include a restatement of RDF and OWL classes and properties as well as basic Kellog parts-of-speech. The ontology also represents an explicit semantic model used during its classifications: concrete classes are categorized as some element of a dramatic production, that is, as a subclass of Actor, Role, Scene, Prop, Theme, or Drama; this can be helpful during analyses of semantic perspective and context associated with resource definitions and attribute values. The LegalRDF ontology distinguishes between predicate verbs and predicate nouns in its models of a Statement to yield an intuitive...
John McClure
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Year 2007
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