LILY: the Results for the Ontology Alignment Contest OAEI 2007

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LILY: the Results for the Ontology Alignment Contest OAEI 2007
This paper presents the results of LILY, which is an ontology mapping system, for OAEI 2007 campaign. To accurately describe what the real meaning of an entity in the original ontology is, LILY extracts a semantic subgraph for each entity. Then it exploits both linguistic and structural information in semantic subgraphs to generate initial alignments. If necessary, using these initial results as input, a subsequent similarity propagation strategy could produce more alignments, which often can not be obtained by the previous process. The preliminary results of the experiments for four tasks (i.e. benchmark, directories, anatomy and conference) are presented. The discussion of the results and future work of LILY are also given. 1 Presentation of the system Currently more and more ontologies are distributedly used and built by different communities. Many of these ontologies would describe similar domains, but using different terminologies, and others will have overlapping domains. Such on...
Peng Wang, Baowen Xu
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Peng Wang, Baowen Xu
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