ASMOV Results for OAEI 2007

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ASMOV Results for OAEI 2007
Numerous ontology alignment algorithms have appeared in the literature in recent years, but only a few make use of the semantics enclosed within the ontologies in order to improve the accuracy. In this paper, we present the Automated Semantic Mapping of Ontologies with Validation (ASMOV) algorithm for ontology alignment. We first provide a brief overview of the algorithm followed by an analysis of its results on the 2007 Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative tests. We conclude the paper by identifying the specific strengths and weaknesses of ASMOV, while pointing out the necessary improvements that need to be made. 1 Presentation of the System In recent years, ontology alignment (or ontology mapping) has become popular in solving interoperability issues across heterogonous systems in the semantic web. Though many techniques have emerged from the literature [1] [6], the distinction between them is accentuated by the manner in which they exploit the features within an ontology. ASMOV,...
Yves R. Jean-Mary, Mansur R. Kabuka
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Yves R. Jean-Mary, Mansur R. Kabuka
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