A Low-Bandwidth Network File System

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A Low-Bandwidth Network File System
Users rarely consider running network file systems over slow or wide-area networks, as the performance would be unacceptable and the bandwidth consumption too high. Nonetheless, efficient remote file access would often be desirable over such networks—particularly when high latency makes remote login sessions unresponsive. Rather than run interactive programs such as editors remotely, users could run the programs locally and manipulate remote files through the file system. To do so, however, would require a network file system that consumes less bandwidth than most current file systems. This paper presents LBFS, a network file system designed for low-bandwidth networks. LBFS exploits similarities between files or versions of the same file to save bandwidth. It avoids sending data over the network when the same data can already be found in the server’s file system or the client’s cache. Using this technique in conjunction with conventional compression and caching, LBFS ...
Athicha Muthitacharoen, Benjie Chen, David Mazi&eg
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Updated 17 Mar 2010
Type Conference
Year 2001
Where SOSP
Authors Athicha Muthitacharoen, Benjie Chen, David Mazières
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