Massive-Scale Data Management using Standards-Based Solutions

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Massive-Scale Data Management using Standards-Based Solutions
In common with many large institutes, CERN has traditionally developed and maintained its own data management solutions. Recently, a significant change of direction has taken place and we have now adopted commercial tools, together with a small amount of site-specific code, for this task. The solutions chosen were originally studied as part of research and development projects oriented towards the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), which is currently under construction at CERN. They have since been adopted not only by the LHC collaborations, which are due to take production data starting in 2005, but also by numerous current experiments, both at CERN and at other High Energy Physics laboratories. Previous experiments, that used data management tools developed in-house, are also studying a possible move to the new environment. To meet the needs of today's experiments, data rates of up to 35MB/second and data volumes of many hundred TB per experiment must be supported. Data distribution ...
Jamie Shiers
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