Measurement in 802.11 Wireless Networks and its Applications

13 years 4 months ago
Measurement in 802.11 Wireless Networks and its Applications
Ease of deployment, wireless connectivity and ubiquitous mobile on-the-go computing has made the IEEE 802.11 the most widely deployed Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) standard in the world. The wireless channel is fundamentally different to its wired counterpart and exhibit characteristics which are difficult to model. We therefore revert to measurement based characterization of wireless networks. A wireless network testbed was thus developed using off-the-shelf wireless cards. Available bandwidth measurement is particularly challenging in the wireless environment because of adaptive data rates, a time varying channel, and CSMA/CA based contention instead of simple FIFO queueing. We present and experimentally evaluate a novel available bandwidth estimation scheme, ‘SPEEDO’, for 802.11 networks in infrastructure mode, based on passive monitoring, without any need for access point cooperation or protocol modifications. An ability to accurately classify observed packet e...
Malik Ahmad Yar Khan
Added 04 Feb 2011
Updated 04 Feb 2011
Type Thesis
Year 2010
Where The University of Melbourne
Authors Malik Ahmad Yar Khan
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