Mesh Based Content Routing using XML

13 years 11 months ago
Mesh Based Content Routing using XML
We have developed a new approach for reliably multicasting timecritical data to heterogeneous clients over mesh-based overlay networks. To facilitate intelligent content pruning, data streams are comprised of a sequence of XML packets and forwarded by application-level XML routers. XML routers perform contentbased routing of individual XML packets to other routers or clients based upon queries that describe the information needs of downstream nodes. Our PC-based XML router prototype can route an 18 Mbit per second XML stream. Our routers use a novel Diversity Control Protocol (DCP) for router-to-router and router-to-client communication. DCP reassembles a received stream of packets from one or more senders using the first copy of a packet to arrive from any sender. When each node is connected to n parents, the resulting network is resilient to (n − 1) router or independent link failures without repair. Associated mesh algorithms permit the system to recover to (n − 1) resilience ...
Alex C. Snoeren, Kenneth Conley, David K. Gifford
Added 17 Mar 2010
Updated 17 Mar 2010
Type Conference
Year 2001
Where SOSP
Authors Alex C. Snoeren, Kenneth Conley, David K. Gifford
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