Middleware support for the deployment of ubiquitous software components

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Middleware support for the deployment of ubiquitous software components
A number of emerging distributed platforms include xed and robust workstations but, like dynamic and pervasive networks, are often built from mobile and resource-constrained devices. These networks are characterized by the volatility of their hosts and connections, which may lead to network fragmentation. Although increasingly common, they remain a challenging target for distributed applications. In this paper we focus on component-based distributed applications by addressing the distribution and the deployment of software components on dynamic pervasive networks. We present a distribution scheme and some associated middleware mechanisms that allow a component to provide its services in an ubiquitous way. First, an architecture description language extension is proposed in order to specify a deployment driven by constraints on the resources needed by components. Then, a propagative and autonomic deployment process is explained, which is based on a consensus algorithm adapted for dynami...
Didier Hoareau, Yves Mahéo
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Where PUC
Authors Didier Hoareau, Yves Mahéo
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