Minimal Surfaces for Stereo

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Minimal Surfaces for Stereo
Abstract. Determining shape from stereo has often been posed as a global minimization problem. Once formulated, the minimization problems are then solved with a variety of algorithmic approaches. These approaches include techniques such as dynamic programming min-cut and alpha-expansion. In this paper we show how an algorithmic technique that constructs a discrete spatial minimal cost surface can be brought to bear on stereo global minimization problems. This problem can then be reduced to a single min-cut problem. We use this approach to solve a new global minimization problem that naturally arises when solving for three-camera (trinocular) stereo. Our formulation treats the three cameras symmetrically, while imposing a natural occlusion cost and uniqueness constraint.
Chris Buehler, Steven J. Gortler, Michael F. Cohen
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Type Conference
Year 2002
Where ECCV
Authors Chris Buehler, Steven J. Gortler, Michael F. Cohen, Leonard McMillan
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