Mixed reality: a model of mixed interaction

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Mixed reality: a model of mixed interaction
Mixed reality systems seek to smoothly link the physical and data processing (digital) environments. Although mixed reality systems are becoming more prevalent, we still do not have a clear understanding of this interaction paradigm. Addressing this problem, this article introduces a new interaction model called Mixed Interaction model. It adopts a unified point of view on mixed reality systems by considering the interaction modalities and forms of multimodality that are involved for defining mixed environments. This article presents the model and its foundations. We then study its unifying and descriptive power by comparing it with existing classification schemes. We finally focus on the generative and evaluative power of the Mixed Interaction model by applying it to design and compare alternative interaction techniques in the context of RAZZLE, a mobile mixed reality game for which the goal of the mobile player is to collect digital jigsaw pieces localized in space. Categories and S...
Céline Coutrix, Laurence Nigay
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where AVI
Authors Céline Coutrix, Laurence Nigay
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