Multi-Camera Activity Correlation Analysis

14 years 4 months ago
Multi-Camera Activity Correlation Analysis
We propose a novel approach for modelling correlations between activities in a busy public space captured by multiple non-overlapping and uncalibrated cameras. In our approach, each camera view is automatically decomposed into semantic regions, across which different spatio-temporal activity patterns are observed. A novel Cross Canonical Correlation Analysis (xCCA) framework is formulated to detect and quantify temporal and causal relationships between regional activities within and across camera views. The approach accomplishes three tasks: (1) estimate the spatial and temporal topology of the camera network; (2) facilitate more robust and accurate person re-identification; (3) perform global activity modelling and video temporal segmentation by linking visual evidence collected across camera views. Our approach differs from the state of the art in that it does not rely on either intra or inter camera tracking. It therefore can be applied to even the most challenging ...
Chen Change Loy (Queen Mary, University of London)
Added 04 May 2009
Updated 07 Jan 2012
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where CVPR
Authors Chen Change Loy (Queen Mary, University of London), Tao Xiang (Queen Mary, University of London), Shaogang Gong (Queen Mary, University of London)
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