Multi-lingual Semantic Matching with OrdPath in Relational Systems

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Multi-lingual Semantic Matching with OrdPath in Relational Systems
The volume of information in natural languages in electronic format is increasing exponentially. The demographics of users of information management systems are becoming increasingly multilingual. Together these trends create a requirement for information management systems to support processing of information in multiple natural languages seamlessly. Database systems, the backbones of information management, should support this requirement effectively and efficiently. Earlier research in this area had proposed multilingual operators [7, 8] for relational database systems, and discussed their implementation using existing database features. In this paper, we specifically focus on the SemEQUAL operator [8], implementing a multilingual semantic matching predicate using WordNet [12]. We explore the implementation of SemEQUAL using OrdPath [10], a positional representation for nodes of a hierarchy that is used successfully for supporting XML documents in relational systems. We propose t...
A. Kumaran, Peter Carlin
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Type Journal
Year 2007
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Authors A. Kumaran, Peter Carlin
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