Oracle's Self-Tuning Architecture and Solutions

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Oracle's Self-Tuning Architecture and Solutions
Performance tuning in modern database systems requires a lot of expertise, is very time consuming and often misdirected. Tuning attempts often lack a methodology that has a holistic view of the database. The absence of historical diagnostic information to investigate performance issues at first occurrence exacerbates the whole tuning process often requiring that problems be reproduced before they can be correctly diagnosed. Even when the problem root cause is identified, fixing it often requires a very high level of expertise that very few DBA possess. This is especially true for the inherently complex activity of SQL Tuning, requiring a high level of expertise in several domains: query optimization, access design, and SQL design. In this paper we describe how Oracle overcomes these challenges and provides a way to perform automatic performance diagnosis and tuning. The ability to self-tune is a critical aspect towards building a self-managed database, which was one of the key objecti...
Benoît Dageville, Karl Dias
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Year 2006
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Authors Benoît Dageville, Karl Dias
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