Patch-based Face Recognition From Video

13 years 10 months ago
Patch-based Face Recognition From Video
Face recognition from video has been extensively studied in recent years. Intuitively, video provides more information than a single image. But problems such as variation in pose and occlusion still remain. When a face is partially occluded, handling the occluded part of the face is an especially challenging task. In this paper, we propose a novel method to recognize a face from video based on face patches. First, face patches are cropped from the video frame by frame. Then, face patches are matched to an overall face model and stitched together. By accumulating the patches, a reconstructed face is built which is used in recognition. We test our method in two experiments. In the first experiment, a still face database is used by randomly occluding parts of the face and using the remaining face patches in recognition. The experiments show that our method achieves a comparable recognition rate with the recognition rate from the whole face image. In the second experiment, the method is t...
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Updated 26 Dec 2009
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Year 2009
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