A personalized framework for trust assessment

13 years 11 months ago
A personalized framework for trust assessment
The number of computational trust models has been increasing rapidly in recent years, yet their applications for automating trust evaluation are still limited. The main obstacle is the difficulty of selecting a suitable trust model and adapting it for particular trust modeling requirements, which vary greatly due to the subjectivity of human trust. The Personalized Trust Framework (PTF) presented in this paper aims to address this problem by providing a mechanism for human users to capture their trust evaluation process in order for it to be replicated by computers. In more details, a user can specify how he selects a trust model based on information about the subject whose trustworthiness he needs to evaluate and how that trust model is configured. This trust evaluation process is then automated by the PTF making use of the trust models flexibly plugged into the PTF by the user. By so doing, the PTF enable users reuse and personalize existing trust models to suit their requirements...
Trung Dong Huynh
Added 19 May 2010
Updated 19 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
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Authors Trung Dong Huynh
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