On the Power of Bitslice Implementation on Intel Core2 Processor

13 years 10 months ago
On the Power of Bitslice Implementation on Intel Core2 Processor
Abstract. This paper discusses the state-of-the-art fast software implementation of block ciphers on Intel’s new microprocessor Core2, particularly concentrating on “bitslice implementation”. The bitslice parallel encryption technique, initially proposed by Biham for speeding-up DES, has been successful on RISC processors with many long registers, but on the other side bitsliced ciphers are not widely used in real applications on PC platforms, because in many cases they were actually not very fast on previous PC processors. Moreover the bitslice mode requires a non-standard data format and hence an additional format conversion is needed for compatibility with an existing parallel mode of operation, which was considered to be expensive. This paper demonstrates that some bitsliced ciphers have a remarkable performance gain on Intel’s Core2 processor due to its enhanced SIMD architecture. We show that KASUMI, a UMTS/GSM mobile standard block cipher, can be four times faster when i...
Mitsuru Matsui, Junko Nakajima
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where CHES
Authors Mitsuru Matsui, Junko Nakajima
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