Putting local features on a Manifold

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Putting local features on a Manifold
Local features have proven very useful for recognition. Manifold learning has proven to be a very powerful tool in data analysis. However, manifold learning application for images are mainly based on holistic vectorized representations of images. The challenging question that we address in this paper is how can we learn image manifolds from a punch of local features in a smooth way that captures the feature similarity and spatial arrangement variability between images. We introduce a novel framework for learning a manifold representation from collections of local features in images. We first show how we can learn a feature embedding representation that preserves both the local appearance similarity as well as the spatial structure of the features. We also show how we can embed features from a new image by introducing a solution for the out-of-sample that is suitable for this context. By solving these two problems and defining a proper distance measure in the feature em...
Marwan Torki and Ahmed Elgammal
Added 08 Jun 2010
Updated 08 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Where CVPR
Authors Marwan Torki and Ahmed Elgammal
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