On Querying UML Data Models with OCL

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On Querying UML Data Models with OCL
UML is the de-facto standard language for Object-Oriented analysis and design of information systems. Persistent storage and extraction of data in such systems is supported by databases and query languages. UML sustains many aspects of software engineering; however, it does not provide explicit facility for writing queries. It is crucial for any such query language to have, at least, the expressive power of Relational Algebra, which serves as a benchmark for evaluating its expressiveness. The combination of UML and OCL can form queries with the required expressive power. However, certain extensions to OCL are essential if it is to be used effectively as a Query Language. The adoption of the ideas presented in this paper will enable query expressions to be written using OCL, that are elegant and ideally suited for use in conjunction with UML data models. This technique is illustrated by expressing the UML equivalent of an example Relational data model and associated query expressions.
David H. Akehurst, Behzad Bordbar
Added 30 Jul 2010
Updated 30 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2001
Where UML
Authors David H. Akehurst, Behzad Bordbar
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