Recent Improvements in the CMU Spoken Language Understanding System

13 years 8 months ago
Recent Improvements in the CMU Spoken Language Understanding System
We have been developing a spoken language system to recognize and understand spontaneous speech. It is difficult for such systems to achieve good coverage of the lexicon and grammar that subjects might use because spontaneous speech often contains disfluencies and ungrammatical constructions. Our goal is to respond appropriately to input, even though coverage is not complete. The natural language component of our system is oriented toward the extraction of information relevant to a task, and seeks to directly optimize the correctness of the extracted information (and therefore the system response). We use a flexible frame-based parser, which parses as much of the input as possible. This approach leads both to high accuracy and robustness. We have implemented a version of this system for the Air Travel Information Service (ATIS) task, which is being used by several ARPA-funded sites to develop and evaluate speech understanding systems. Users are asked to perform a task that requires ge...
Wayne Ward, Sunil Issar
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Type Conference
Year 1994
Authors Wayne Ward, Sunil Issar
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