A regression tests selection technique for aspect-oriented programs

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A regression tests selection technique for aspect-oriented programs
As the Aspect-Oriented Software Development gains popularity, there is growing interest as developing for existing object-oriented software aspects to address the crosscutting problems of those systems. Existing object-oriented regression test selection techniques select tests that execute a different control flow path for the new program version. However, as aspect-oriented features emerge, the selection becomes imprecise and thus is incapable for analyzing the aspect code. In this position paper, we define a new test selection criterion for aspect-oriented programs to achieve higher precision. This criterion is based on the impact that an aspect may have on the main classes. We present a technique that safely selects tests from the old test suite for testing the new aspect-oriented features. It pre-selects a set of candidate tests based on the differences of control flow paths of two program versions and uses dynamic analysis to re-select the tests from the candidate set based on th...
Guoqing Xu
Added 14 Jun 2010
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Guoqing Xu
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