Ricardo: integrating R and Hadoop

14 years 6 days ago
Ricardo: integrating R and Hadoop
Many modern enterprises are collecting data at the most detailed level possible, creating data repositories ranging from terabytes to petabytes in size. The ability to apply sophisticated statistical analysis methods to this data is becoming essential for marketplace competitiveness. This need to perform deep analysis over huge data repositories poses a significant challenge to existing statistical software and data management systems. On the one hand, statistical software provides rich functionality for data analysis and modeling, but can handle only limited amounts of data; e.g., popular packages like R and SPSS operate entirely in main memory. On the other hand, data management systems—such as MapReduce-based systems—can scale to petabytes of data, but provide insufficient analytical functionality. We report our experiences in building Ricardo, a scalable platform for deep analytics. Ricardo is part of the eXtreme Analytics Platform (XAP) project at the IBM Almaden Research C...
Sudipto Das, Yannis Sismanis, Kevin S. Beyer, Rain
Added 18 Jul 2010
Updated 18 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Authors Sudipto Das, Yannis Sismanis, Kevin S. Beyer, Rainer Gemulla, Peter J. Haas, John McPherson
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