SAM - An Animated 3D Programming Language

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SAM - An Animated 3D Programming Language
This article presents the animated visual 3D programming language SAM (Solid Agents in Motion) for parallel systems specification and animation. A SAM program is a set of interacting agents synchronously exchanging messages. The agent's behavior is specified by means of production rules with a condition and a sequence of actions each. Actions are linearly ordered and execute when matching a rule. In SAM, main syntactic objects like agents, rules, and messages are 3D. These objects can have act and a concrete, solid 3D presentation. While the abstract representation is for programming and debugging, the concrete representation is for animated 3D enduser presentations. After outlining the concepts of SAM, this article gives two programming examples of 3D micro worlds and an overview of the programming environment.
Christian Geiger, Wolfgang Müller 0003, Walde
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Type Conference
Year 1998
Where VL
Authors Christian Geiger, Wolfgang Müller 0003, Waldemar Rosenbach
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