The Virtual Reality Modeling Language and Java

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The Virtual Reality Modeling Language and Java
Abstract. The Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) and Java provide a standardized, portable and platformindependent way to render dynamic, interactive 3D scenes across the Internet. Integrating two powerful and portable software languages provides interactive 3D graphics plus complete programming capabilities plus network access. Intended for programmers and scene authors, this paper provides a VRML overview, synopsizes the open development history of the specification, provides a condensed summary of VRML 3D graphics nodes and scene graph topology, describes how Java interacts with VRML through detailed examples, and examines a variety of VRML/Java future developments. Overview. The Web is being extended to three spatial dimensions thanks to VRML, a dynamic 3D scene description language that can include embedded behaviors and camera animation. A rich set of graphics primitives provides a common-denominator file format which can be used to describe a wide variety of 3D scenes and ...
Donald P. Brutzman
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Year 1998
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Authors Donald P. Brutzman
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