Secure Aggregation in Sensor Networks Using Neighborhood Watch

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Secure Aggregation in Sensor Networks Using Neighborhood Watch
Abstract— Many sensor networks (SN) use in-network aggregation to minimize the amount of data transmitted by sensors. Unfortunately, aggregation makes the network more vulnerable: a central server collecting the SN’s results receives less information that could be used to detect and/or mitigate cheating. In this paper we study stealth attacks where an adversary seeks to deceive the system without being detected. We propose several measures to make a sensor network resilient to attack: (a) mutual monitoring and constraint validation, (b) randomized delivery trees, and (c) redundancy in the data supplied by the network. We introduce several protocols to achieve resilience as well as a reputation system to allow detection and exclusion of compromised sensors. We conclude by reporting results of our simulations under several attack models.
Paul Rabinovich, Robert Simon
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where ICC
Authors Paul Rabinovich, Robert Simon
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