Sensor replacement using mobile robots

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Sensor replacement using mobile robots
Sensor replacement is important for sensor networks to provide continuous sensing services. Upon sensor node failures, holes (uncovered areas) may appear in the sensing coverage. Existing approaches relocate redundant nodes to fill the holes and require all or most sensor nodes to have mobility. However, mobility equipment is expensive while technology trends are scaling sensors to be smaller and cheaper. In this paper, we propose to use a small number of mobile robots to replace failed sensors for a large-scale static sensor network. We study algorithms for detecting and reporting sensor failures and coordinating the movement of robots that minimize the motion energy of mobile robots and the messaging overhead incurred to the sensor network. A manager receives failure reports and determines which robot to handle a failure. We study three algorithms: a centralized manager algorithm, a fixed distributed manager algorithm, and a dynamic distributed manager algorithm. Our analysis and ...
Yongguo Mei, Changjiu Xian, Saumitra M. Das, Y. Ch
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Type Journal
Year 2007
Authors Yongguo Mei, Changjiu Xian, Saumitra M. Das, Y. Charlie Hu, Yung-Hsiang Lu
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