A simple (yet powerful) algebra for pervasive environments

13 years 6 months ago
A simple (yet powerful) algebra for pervasive environments
Querying non-conventional data is recognized as a major issue in new environments and applications such as those occurring in pervasive computing. A key issue is the ability to query data, streams and services in a declarative way. Our overall objective is to make the development of pervasive applications easier through database principles. In this paper, through the notion of virtual attributes and binding patterns, we define a data-centric view of pervasive environments: the classical notion of database is extended to come up with a broader notion, defined as relational pervasive environment, integrating data, streams and active/passive services. Then, the so-called Serena algebra is proposed with operators to homogeneously handle data and services. Moreover, the notion of stream can also be smoothly integrated into this algebra. A prototype of Pervasive Environment Management System has been implemented on which first experiments have been conducted to validate our approach.1 Ca...
Yann Gripay, Frédérique Laforest, Je
Added 28 May 2010
Updated 28 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Where EDBT
Authors Yann Gripay, Frédérique Laforest, Jean-Marc Petit
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