The simulation power of automod

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The simulation power of automod
Decision making in industry continues to become more complicated. Customers are more demanding, competition is more fierce, and costs for labor and raw materials continue to rise. Managers need state-of-the-art tools to help in planning, design, and operations of their facilities. Simulation provides a virtual factory where ideas can be tested and performance improved. The AutoMod product suite from Applied Materials has been used on thousands of projects to help engineers and managers make the best decisions possible. AutoMod supports hierarchical model construction. This architecture allows users to reuse model objects in other models, decreasing the time required to build a model. In addition, recent enhancements to Automod’s material handling template systems have increased modeling accuracy and ease-of-use. These latest advances have helped make AutoMod one of the most widely used simulation software packages.
Todd LeBaron, Craig Jacobsen
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Year 2007
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Authors Todd LeBaron, Craig Jacobsen
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