'SlidingMap': introducing and evaluating a new modality for map interaction

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'SlidingMap': introducing and evaluating a new modality for map interaction
In this paper, we describe the concept of a new modality for interaction with digital maps. We propose using inclination as a means for panning maps on a mobile computing device, namely a tablet PC. The result is a map which is both physically transportable as well as manipulable with very simple and natural hand movements. We describe a setup for comparing this new modality with the better known modalities of pen-based and joystick-based interaction. Apart from demonstrating the new modality we plan to perform a short evaluation. Categories and Subject Descriptors H.5.2 [INFORMATION INTERFACES AND PRESENTATION]: User Interfaces, Input devices and strategies, Interaction styles General Terms Design, Experimentation, Human Factors, Measurement. Keywords Map interaction, mobile systems, inclination modality
Matthias Merdes, Jochen Häußler, Matthi
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where ICMI
Authors Matthias Merdes, Jochen Häußler, Matthias Jöst
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