Solaris Zones: Operating System Support for Server Consolidation

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Solaris Zones: Operating System Support for Server Consolidation
e a new operating system abstraction for partitioning systems, allowing multiple applications to run in isolation from each other on the same physical hardware. This isolation prevents processes running within a zone from monitoring or affecting processes running in other zones, seeing each other's data, or manipulating the underlying hardnes also provide an abstraction layer that separates applications from physical attributes of the machine on which they are deployed, such as physical device paths and network interface names. Much of the previous work in this area has involved running multiple operating system instances on a single system, either through the use of hardware partitioning [1, 4] or virtual machine monitors [2, 3, 8]. Hardware partitioning, while providing a very high degree of application isolation, is costly to implement and is generally limited to high-end systems. In addition, the granularity of resource allocation is often poor, particularly in the area of CPU...
Andrew Tucker, David Comay
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where JVM
Authors Andrew Tucker, David Comay
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