Spatial Relations Analysis by Using Fuzzy Operators

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Spatial Relations Analysis by Using Fuzzy Operators
Spatial relations play important role in computer vision, scene analysis, geographic information systems (GIS) and content based image retrieval. Analyzing spatial relations by Force histogram was introduced by Miyajima et al [10] and largely developed by Matsakis [12] who used a quantitative representation of relative position between 2D objects. Fuzzy Allen relations are used to define the fuzzy topological relations between different objects and to detect object positions in images. Concept for combined extraction of topological and directional relations by using histogram was developed by J.Malki and E.Zahzah [3], and further improved by Matsakis [14]. This algorithm has high computational and temporal complexity due to its limitations of object approximations. In this paper we apply fuzzy aggregation operators for information integration along with polygonal approximation of objects. This approach gives us anew, with low temporal and computational complexity of algorithm for the...
Nadeem Salamat, El-hadi Zahzah
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Type Conference
Year 2009
Where ICCS
Authors Nadeem Salamat, El-hadi Zahzah
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