Stripped mirroring RAID architecture

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Stripped mirroring RAID architecture
Redundant arrays of independent disks (RAID) provide an ecient stable storage system for parallel access and fault tolerance. The most common fault tolerant RAID architecture is RAID-1 or RAID-5. The disadvantage of RAID-1 lies in excessive redundancy, while the write performance of RAID-5 is only 1/4 of that of RAID-0. In this paper, we propose a high performance and highly reliable disk array architecture, called stripped mirroring disk array (SMDA). It is a new solution to the small-write problem for disk array. SMDA stores the original data in two ways, one on a single disk and the other on a plurality of disks in RAID-0 by stripping. The reliability of the system is as good as RAID-1, but with a high throughput approaching that of RAID-0. Because SMDA omits the parity generation procedure when writing new data, it avoids the write performance loss often experienced in RAID-5.
Hai Jin, Kai Hwang
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Year 2000
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Authors Hai Jin, Kai Hwang
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