Teaching object-oriented concepts with Eclipse

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Teaching object-oriented concepts with Eclipse
Object-oriented software development is a subject area difficult to teach, especially to beginners. They face a lot of abstraction and (from a beginners point of view) isolated topics, such as the syntax and semantics of a programming language, the functionality of a software development environment and basic object-oriented concepts. Although many professionals in education believe in the "object first" approach as the best method of introducing object-oriented concepts, there is no common agreement on how to start such courses. Current study programs often begin by teaching a programming language, instead of focusing on the basics of object-oriented concepts. In the last years a learning environment was developed bavisual programming language to abstract away from details. It assists teaching step-by-step object-oriented concepts and the syntax and semantics of a programming language in secondary schools and first year university courses. Our goal is to port this learning ...
Matthias Meyer, Lothar Wendehals
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Year 2004
Authors Matthias Meyer, Lothar Wendehals
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