Towards Measurable Types for Dynamical Process Modeling Languages

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Towards Measurable Types for Dynamical Process Modeling Languages
Process modeling languages such as "Dynamical Grammars" are highly expressive in the processes they model using stochastic and deterministic dynamical systems, and can be given formal semantics in terms of an operator algebra. However such process languages may be more limited in the types of objects whose dynamics is easily expressible. For many applications in biology, the dynamics of spatial objects in particular (including combinations of discrete and continuous spatial structures) should lizable at a high level of abstraction. We suggest that this may be achieved by formalizating such objects within a type system endowed with type constructors suitable for complex dynamical objects. To this end we review and illustrate the operator algebraic formulation of heterogeneous process modeling and semantics, extending it to encompass partial differential equations and intrinsic graph grammar dynamics. We show that in the operator approach to heterogeneous dynamics, types requi...
Eric Mjolsness
Added 10 Dec 2010
Updated 10 Dec 2010
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Year 2010
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