Using software evolution to focus architectural recovery

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Using software evolution to focus architectural recovery
Ideally, a software project commences with requirements gathering and specification, reaches its major milestone with system implementation and delivery, and then continues, possibly indefinitely, into an operation and maintenance phase. The software system's architecture is in many ways the linchpin of this process: it is supposed to be an effective reification of the system's technical requirements and to be faithfully reflected in the system's implementation. Furthermore, the architecture is meant to guide system evolution, while also being updated in the process. However, in reality developers frequently deviate from the architecture, causing architectural erosion, a phenomenon in which the initial, "as documented" architecture of an application is (arbitrarily) modified to the point where its key properties no longer hold. Architectural recovery is a process frequently used to cope with architectural erosion whereby the current, "as implemented"...
Nenad Medvidovic, Vladimir Jakobac
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Updated 10 Dec 2010
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Year 2006
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Authors Nenad Medvidovic, Vladimir Jakobac
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