A visual approach to development of web services providers/requestors

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A visual approach to development of web services providers/requestors
An idea of automatic generation of Web applications from templates has been proposed [1, 2, 3, 4]. A software system called T-Web system has been implemented based on the idea to automatically generate typical Web applications made of various technologies such as CGI [5], Java Servlet [6], JSP [6, 7], and ASP [8], without manual programming. This paper presents an extension of the above mentioned idea in two different areas, generating Web services [9] in addition to Web applications and generating Web applications that behave as Web services requestors. We implement these approaches on T-Web system for JSP/Servlet Web applications [4]. As a result, the T-Web system provides features for Web developers to design and generate Web services in Java language, typical JSP/Servlet Web applications, and JSP/Servlet Web applications behaving as Web services requestors. An airline company’s Web services and a ticket agency Website that interacts with the airline company’s Web services are ...
Kornkamol Jamroendararasame, Takehiro Tokuda, Tets
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where VL
Authors Kornkamol Jamroendararasame, Takehiro Tokuda, Tetsuya Suzuki
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