What is situated evolution?

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What is situated evolution?
—In this paper we discuss the notion of situated evolution. Our treatment includes positioning situated evolution on the map of evolutionary processes in terms of time- and space-embeddedness, and the identification of decentralization as an orthogonal property. We proceed with a selected overview of related literature in the categories of our interest. This overview enables us to distill further detailes that distinguish the encountered methods. As it turns out the essential differences can be captured through the mechanics of selection and fertilization. These insights are aggregated into a new model called the Situated Evolution Method, which is then used to provide a fine-grained map of exisiting work. I. BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The background of this paper is a research project1 concerned with a group of robots that operate in a challenging environment and permanently adapt their controllers in order to increase their task performance. Evolution is chosen as the principal me...
Martijn C. Schut, Evert Haasdijk, A. E. Eiben
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Type Conference
Year 2009
Where CEC
Authors Martijn C. Schut, Evert Haasdijk, A. E. Eiben
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