Wireless Nomadic Transfer over Mobile Ad hoc Networks

13 years 3 months ago
Wireless Nomadic Transfer over Mobile Ad hoc Networks
Mobile ad hoc networking allows the development of several infrastructure free applications. One of the arguments we focused on is the possibility of deploying a set of services in areas lacking of low-cost and wide band connectivity to Internet, as rural or mountain communities. The main idea is that it is possible to transfer data by mobile vehicles such as bus, letter carriers and other similar means, by equipping them with an ad hoc kit able to discover clients capable to receive news, e-mail or, generally, to act as a server for other kind of services. In this context we used AODV protocol to interconnect the hosts involved in the test-bed and SLP [1] to develop some applications to offer e-mail and news pushing services over discontinuous connectivity.
Stefano Annese, Andrea Ghittino
Added 25 Jun 2010
Updated 25 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Stefano Annese, Andrea Ghittino
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