12 years 11 months ago
Co-clustering as multilinear decomposition with sparse latent factors
The K-means clustering problem seeks to partition the columns of a data matrix in subsets, such that columns in the same subset are ‘close’ to each other. The co-clustering pr...
Evangelos E. Papalexakis, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos
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13 years 1 months ago
On Parsimonious Explanations for 2-D Tree- and Linearly-Ordered Data
This paper studies the “explanation problem” for tree- and linearly-ordered array data, a problem motivated by database applications and recently solved for the one-dimensiona...
Howard J. Karloff, Flip Korn, Konstantin Makaryche...
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13 years 2 months ago
Robust Matrix Completion with Corrupted Columns
This paper considers the problem of matrix completion, when some number of the columns are arbitrarily corrupted, potentially by a malicious adversary. It is well-known that stand...
Yudong Chen, Huan Xu, Constantine Caramanis, Sujay...
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13 years 5 months ago
HYRISE - A Main Memory Hybrid Storage Engine
In this paper, we describe a main memory hybrid database system called HYRISE, which automatically partitions tables into vertical partitions of varying widths depending on how th...
Martin Grund, Jens Krüger, Hasso Plattner, Al...
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13 years 7 months ago
A new hybrid heuristic for driver scheduling
This paper describes a new hybrid method based on the application of the Population Training Algorithm (PTA) and linear programming (LP) for generation of schedules for drivers in...
Geraldo R. Mauri, Luiz Antonio Nogueira Lorena
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13 years 7 months ago
An approximation ratio for biclustering
The problem of biclustering consists of the simultaneous clustering of rows and columns of a matrix such that each of the submatrices induced by a pair of row and column clusters ...
Kai Puolamäki, Sami Hanhijärvi, Gemma C....
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13 years 7 months ago
Cyclical scheduling and multi-shift scheduling: Complexity and approximation algorithms
We consider the multiple shift scheduling problem modelled as a covering problem. Such problems are characterized by a constraint matrix that has in every column blocks of consecu...
Dorit S. Hochbaum, Asaf Levin
121views more  COMBINATORICS 2006»
13 years 7 months ago
Asymptotics for Incidence Matrix Classes
We define incidence matrices to be zero-one matrices with no zero rows or columns. We are interested in counting incidence matrices with a given number of ones, irrespective of th...
Peter J. Cameron, Thomas Prellberg, Dudley Stark
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13 years 7 months ago
Parity check matrices and product representations of squares
Let NF(n, k, r) denote the maximum number of columns in an n-row matrix with entries in a finite field F in which each column has at most r nonzero entries and every k columns are...
Assaf Naor, Jacques Verstraëte
114views more  ALGORITHMICA 2007»
13 years 7 months ago
The Consecutive Ones Submatrix Problem for Sparse Matrices
A 0-1 matrix has the Consecutive Ones Property (C1P) if there is a permutation of its columns that leaves the 1’s consecutive in each row. The Consecutive Ones Submatrix (C1S) p...
Jinsong Tan, Louxin Zhang