11 years 8 months ago
Static Routing and Wavelength Assignment for Multicast Advance Reservation in All-Optical Wavelength-Routed WDM Networks
—In this paper we investigate the static multicast advance reservation (MCAR) problem for all-optical wavelengthrouted WDM networks. Under the advanced reservation traffic model...
Neal Charbonneau, Vinod Vokkarane
12 years 5 months ago
Curvature Regularity for Multi-label Problems - Standard and Customized Linear Programming
Abstract. We follow recent work by Schoenemann et al. [25] for expressing curvature regularity as a linear program. While the original formulation focused on binary segmentation, w...
Thomas Schoenemann, Yubin Kuang, Fredrik Kahl
12 years 5 months ago
Commitment to Correlated Strategies
The standard approach to computing an optimal mixed strategy to commit to is based on solving a set of linear programs, one for each of the follower’s pure strategies. We show t...
Vincent Conitzer, Dmytro Korzhyk
217views Neural Networks» more  OL 2011»
13 years 2 days ago
Privacy-preserving linear programming
Abstract. We propose a privacy-preserving formulation of a linear program whose constraint matrix is partitioned into groups of columns where each group of columns and its correspo...
O. L. Mangasarian
13 years 11 days ago
A dual perspective on separable semidefinite programming with applications to optimal downlink beamforming
This paper considers the downlink beamforming optimization problem that minimizes the total transmission power subject to global shaping constraints and individual shaping constrai...
Yongwei Huang, Daniel Pérez Palomar
160views Education» more  TIT 2010»
13 years 12 days ago
Bounds on the rate of 2-D bit-stuffing encoders
A method for bounding the rate of bit-stuffing encoders for 2-D constraints is presented. Instead of considering the original encoder, we consider a related one which is quasistati...
Ido Tal, Ron M. Roth
171views Education» more  CORR 2011»
13 years 21 days ago
Persistent Robotic Tasks: Monitoring and Sweeping in Changing Environments
—We present controllers that enable mobile robots to persistently monitor or sweep a changing environment. The changing environment is modeled as a field which grows in location...
Stephen L. Smith, Mac Schwager, Daniela Rus
220views Education» more  CORR 2011»
13 years 21 days ago
On a linear programming approach to the discrete Willmore boundary value problem and generalizations
We consider the problem of finding (possibly non connected) discrete surfaces spanning a finite set of discrete boundary curves in the three-dimensional space and minimizing (glo...
Thomas Schoenemann, Simon Masnou, Daniel Cremers
13 years 4 months ago
Distributed Caching Algorithms for Content Distribution Networks
—The delivery of video content is expected to gain huge momentum, fueled by the popularity of user-generated clips, growth of VoD libraries, and wide-spread deployment of IPTV se...
Sem C. Borst, Varun Gupta, Anwar Walid
159views more  SIAMJO 2002»
13 years 5 months ago
Locating the Least 2-Norm Solution of Linear Programs via a Path-Following Method
A linear program has a unique least 2-norm solution provided that the linear program has a solution. To locate this solution, most of the existing methods were devised to solve cer...
Yun-Bin Zhao, Duan Li