Enabling Ubiquitous Coordination Using Application Sessions

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Enabling Ubiquitous Coordination Using Application Sessions
Abstract. Enabling coordination among ubiquitous computing applicad resources requires programming abstractions and development tools tailored to this unique environment. This paper introduces a suite ination abstractions that enables expressive interaction between ubiquitous computing applications and dynamically available resources. In our model, applications express their coordination needs in terms of application sessions that are loosely defined by a set of interactions with remote resources. Our approach allows developers to delegate responsibility for the construction and maintenance of the communication links necessary to support the application's sessions to an underlying middleware. In this paper, we formalize a suite of session definitions for coordination in general classes of ubiquitous computing applications. We also present a middleware based on this coordination model that directly supports the software development task. Finally, we demonstrate the simplicity and f...
Christine Julien, Drew Stovall
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Christine Julien, Drew Stovall
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