Mobile in vivo Biopsy Robot

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Mobile in vivo Biopsy Robot
– A mobile in vivo camera robot was developed to provide the ability for a single port biopsy procedure. Such a robot can be inserted into the abdominal cavity through a standard trocar. The surgeon controls the robot using visual feedback from the on-board camera. Measurements were made to identify the forces required to successfully biopsy in vivo tissue, including clamping and tearing forces. The robot design was developed around these parameters and the need to traverse the abdominal environment using specially designed wheels. This mobility allows the biopsy robot to move to the area of interest to sample specific tissues. The lead-screw linkage system that actuated the graspers allows for large force production through careful mechanical design. In vivo testing of this system in a porcine (pig) model has been successful. The robot is capable of traversing the entire in vivo abdominal environment and has successfully been used to biopsy hepatic tissue. In addition, experimental ...
Mark Rentschler, Jason Dumpert, Stephen Platt, Dmi
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where ICRA
Authors Mark Rentschler, Jason Dumpert, Stephen Platt, Dmitry Oleynikov, Shane Farritor, Karl Iagnemma
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