Power grid analysis benchmarks

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Power grid analysis benchmarks
ACT Benchmarks are an immensely useful tool in performing research since they allow for rapid and clear comparison between different approaches to solving CAD problems. Recent experience from the placement [1] and routing [2] areas suggests that the ready availability of realistic industrial-size benchmarks can energize research in a given area, and can even lead to significant breakthroughs. To this end, we are making a number of power grid analysis benchmarks available for the public. These are all drawn from real designs, and vary over a reasonable range of size and difficulty thereby making studies of algorithm complexity possible. This paper documents the format for the various benchmarks, and give details for their access. II. POWER GRID ANALYSIS Because of the strong dependence of circuit performance both delay and power dissipation- on power supply voltage, there has been much work dedicated to the modeling, simulation, and analysis of integrated circuit power delivery systems ...
Sani R. Nassif
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