Virtual human animation in natural language visualisation

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Virtual human animation in natural language visualisation
Simulation motion of Virtual Reality (VR) objects and humans has experienced1 important developments in the last decade. However, realistic virtual human animation gen-2 eration remains a major challenge, even if applications are numerous, from VR games to3 medicaltraining. This paper proposes differentmethods for animating virtualhumans, includ-4 ing blending simultaneous animations of various temporal relations with multiple animation5 channels, minimal visemes for lip synchronisation, and space sites of virtual human and 3D6 object models for object grasping and manipulation. We present our work in our natural7 language visualisation (animation) system, CONFUCIUS, and describe how the proposed8 approaches are employed in CONFUCIUS' animation engine.9 Keywords 3D animation
Minhua Ma, Paul McKevitt
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Type Journal
Year 2006
Where AIR
Authors Minhua Ma, Paul McKevitt
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